The Hardcore Protocol Features

Technology should unleash creativity.

Here's what's under our hood:

  • MetaverseGraph (mGraph) ABFT-based high-speed asynchronous consensus mechanism
  • Asynchronous transaction parallel processing based on FPGA acceleration
  • IPFS-based distributed file storage node supports EVM and Solidity smart contracts
A great dApp ecosystem needs low barriers to entry and tooling to die for. Simple and scaleable should be the order of the day. We're compatible with EVM and JSON RPC interfaces. Bring on dApps cross-chains and a unified Virtual Machine!
Creation Platform
  • Supports the creation of 3D game materials/models
  • Support for digital NFT creation and digital tools for physical NFTs
  • Support NFTs trading and copyright split Token trading
XR Open-source
  • Caduceus XR-Glass: XR dual purpose 1080P HD smart screen streaming glasses
  • Caduceus XR-Box: XR blockchain smart hardware box
  • Caduceus XR-OS: Android-based XR open-source operating system and 3D UI
  • Integrated camera dual purpose recognition and SLAM algorithm
  • Integrated head tracking, face recognition, gesture detection, 6 DOF spatial positioning and other AR algorithms
  • Seamlessly connects to Unity 3D AR engine to support AR game operation
3D VLog
  • An IPFS and distributed peer-to-peer video broadcasting and live streaming platform
  • The world’s first 3D-VR short video platform supporting NFT-ERC20 copyright distribution
  • Based on blockchain and smart contracts, it supports the economic system of creation-as-mining and watched-as-mining, which encourages creators to upload quality content
Caduceus XR-Chain Metaverse Extreme Blockchain
StarChain data structure
XR chain uses StarChain’s multi-level distributed metaverse graph structure, which allows for extremely fast processing power with unlimited scalability
Ultra-fast parallel processing
  • BigBang’s fully hardware-programmable and accelerated blockchain consensus system
  • StarRing transaction execution engine (FXP)
  • Nebula level unlimited scalable block database
PoXR+ABFT Asynchronous consensus
  • Fully asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant Async BFT
  • PoXR meta-universe proof of contribution
  • StarGate Event Propagation Protocol
  • Divergent smart contract pre-execution system
  • Regimented transaction and verification system
  • Light Grain distributed cloud storage node
Unlimited scaling speed fully compatible with blockchain systems
  • Supports seamless migration of EVM, Solidity contracts
  • Support for ERC20/NFT/DeFi cross-chain migration and asset-swapping
  • Compatible with MetaMask and other major blockchain wallets